Loneliness & Chronic Illness

Chronic illness can cause some pretty intense feelings of loneliness. Isolation will do that to you. Add to that the feelings created by being misunderstood, and you have the perfect recipe for “miserable soup”… yum!


Kids & Chronic Parents: What You Need to Know

  Yep, you just saw my “big kid” cry over something silly. You just saw my preschooler scowl and run away like a grumpy little tumble weed. Before you look at me sideways, say your cutting little remarks, or judge my kids – let me tell you a secret. Their dad is living with a…

Life with Chronic Illness

Does the internet really need another blog? I don’t know if the internet needs this blog, but I sure do. I have a voice and it needs to be heard. I am the wife of someone living with a chronic illness. I am the daughter of someone living with a chronic illness. We all have voices and they need to be heard. They deserve to be heard.